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    • Morfologic

      • Personalization of body treatment according to morphology

      • Morfologic is a revolutionary new work method for body treatment equipment that takes into account the patient’s morphology. Based on this, parameterizes the equipment for carries out the treatment in a totally personalized way for each client or morphology.

        As a morphology we understand the classification given to the different physical characteristics that each person’s body have. These characteristics will help us to understand their differences and to order the individuals through a classification system which perfectly defines its features and forms, as well as its temperament, physiology, etc.

        Our 0bjective, is to determine the physiological problem that each individual has at the moment when their body undergoes changes, since depending on its morphology, this behaves differently, and to solve its inalterability, Morfologic system, customize each treatment.

      • Equipment with this technology:​

        DermaJet PresoJet Pro ThermoJet Pro Smart RF PRO

      • The basis of a good result is a good diagnosis. For this we have specialized training in the Morfologic system because the professionals of the world of aesthetics can individualize the treatment with extreme precision, maximum efficiency and achieving optimal performance and results.

        We distinguish two basic types, GENOIDS and ANDROIDS and each one of these are classified into two more biotypes: Blood Morphology, Lymphatic Morphology, Bilious Morphology and Nervous Morphology.

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